Anxiety Disorders Association of Ontario

The ADAO is pleased to have helped those living with and affected by anxiety over the past 20 years. In that time, new resources and opportunities have arisen that we can use to improve our anxiety management programs.

The Anxiety Disorders Association of Ontario (ADAO) is a registered charity and non-profit organization based in Ottawa, Ontario. Since 1997, the organization has been empowering those affected by anxiety through accessible holistic program delivery, education, and support, in partnership with the community. Over the years, hundreds of people have benefited from ADAO’s programs, and have learned to better deal with anxiety and its impact on their life.

Free, Online Anxiety Support Groups in Summer 2021

Pay what you can Peer Support, a member organization of Heartwood House in Ottawa, is offering three peer support groups across summer 2021, for those who experience anxiety disorders. The three groups will happen virtually, and be moderated by Julie McLennan, who is registered with the Canadian College of Professional Counsellors and Psychotherapists. Attendance at the groups is free, with an optional opportunity to donate at the end. The times of these meetings are:

Tuesday July 20th 2021 at 7pm ET

Tuesday August 10th 2021 at 7pm ET

Tuesday August 31st 2021 at 7pm ET

If you are interested in learning more about these groups and/or booking your spot in one, please go here.

We are currently hard at work exploring these opportunities to make best use of our resources and help more people affected by anxiety. If you or someone you know is in need of support, please visit our Getting Help page.