Train the Trainer

Interested in helping others manage anxiety? Attend our Train the Trainer Conference!

ADAO provides training to individuals who wish to learn how to teach anxiety management skills.  The training conference takes place over a weekend (to be scheduled) and participants receive an ADAO Anxiety Management Training Certificate.  Participants may be selected to facilitate ADAO programs, although this is not guaranteed.  Participants receive training to teach diverse techniques, such as the basics of cognitive-behavior, identifying and managing emotions, nutrition and anxiety, community, self-compassion, etc.


Fall 2016 (to be confirmed).

How do I register?

Contact Tracey, our Program Coordinator, at to be added to email list.

How much does it cost?

To be confirmed.

Is this program accredited?

All candidates who successfully complete the training program recieve an ADAO Anxiety Management Training Certificate; at this time, it is not accredited, but we are looking into this.