ADAO Mindfulness Program

What is the Mindfulness Program?

ADAO offers an 8-week Mindfulness Program for graduates of its Anxiety Management Programs. It builds on the AMP’s teachings about mindfulness; however, approval by the Program Coordinator, individuals who have not completed the AMP may be allowed to join the program. The program facilitator is Stan Pope, an experienced registered social worker, who is the Regional Clinical Manager of Shepell fgi (Employee Assitance Group).The Mindfulness Program runs in a small, intimate setting, consisting of up to 10 participants per session.

What can I expect?

Each class runs in a similar fashion, consisting of:

  • 5 to 10-minute body scan and mediatation
  • mindful stretching
  • group check-in
  • discussion – each session will have its own theme
  • sitting practice

Where and when?

Schedule for upcoming Mindfulness Program: TBD.

How much does the program cost?

The program is $225 per participant.