Anxiety Disorders Association of Ontario

Online Audio Resources

Dartmouth College: Student Wellness Centre Guided Audio Recordings– Mindfulness meditation
– Deep breathing and guided relaxation exercises
– Guided imagery and visualization exercises
– Progressive muscle relaxation exercises
– Music for the soul
– Soothing instrumental music
The Free Mindfulness Project– Guided mindfulness exercises
– Mindfulness of breath
– Brief mindfulness practices
– Body scan
– Sitting meditations
– Mindful movement
– Guided imagery
– Self-guided mindfulness exercises
Mayo Clinic: Mindful Breathing Audio Recordings– Ten breath practice
– Body scan
– Mindful standing yoga practice
– Mindfulness meditation on the breath
– Mindfulness meditation on the body
– Mindfulness meditation on sounds, thoughts, and emotion: the 3-minute mindful breathing for the daily journey
McGill University: Student Wellness Hub Meditation Audio– A variety of meditation exercises, divided into the time they take: up to ten minutes, up to fifteen minutes, and up to thirty minutes
National Library and Knowledge Service: Mindfulness Exercises– Rectangle breathing exercise
– Dropping the anchor
– Face scan
– Breathing exercise to get sleep
– Mindfulness practice
– Mindful movement with hands, neck, senses, and shoulders
– Progressive muscular relaxation
Portland Psychotherapy: Mindfulness Audio Files and Exercises– Breathing mindfully
– Mindfulness and acceptance of anxiety
– Mindfulness of bodily sensation
– Mindfulness of thinking
– Mindfulness of everyday activities
– Mindful inquiry practice
Western Sydney University: Relaxation and Mindfulness Recordings– Breathing exercises
– Progressive muscular relaxation
– Mindfulness recordings
– Visualization recordings