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Mental Health Community Organization Begins Crowdfunding to Continue Helping Ontarians Struggling with Anxiety

On June 6th, the Anxiety Disorders Association of Ontario (ADAO) is launching a crowdfunding campaign through CanadaHelps so it can continue to help those struggling with anxiety. Unless the organization can raise $15,000 by the end of June, it will be forced to close its doors.

“ADAO has been a constant presence in the anxiety community for the past 20 years,” said Dominique Leonard, President of ADAO. “To close our doors now would be a huge loss, not only to those who use our programs but to the many other organizations who regularly refer people to ADAO. We’ve helped hundreds of people in the past 20 years, and now it’s our turn to ask for support.”

Under the stewardship of a new Board of Directors and with a renewed focus on ensuring long-term organizational sustainability, ADAO has restructured and developed a new program delivery model. According to Ms. Leonard, “a successful crowdsourcing campaign will provide ADAO with the financial support it desperately needs to pilot and refine its new delivery model with several key community delivery partners. This will ensure that our high quality programs be more widely available across communities and continue to meet the needs of Ontarians living with anxiety.”

According to the Canadian Mental Health Association, anxiety disorders affect nearly 12 per cent of Canadians and Ontario’s mental health care is underfunded by approximately $1.5 billion.

ADAO is a registered charity and non-profit organization based in Ottawa. Since 1997, the organization has been empowering those affected by anxiety through accessible holistic program delivery, education, and support, in partnership with the community. Over the years, hundreds of people have benefited from ADAO’s programs, and have learned to better deal with anxiety and its impact on their life.

Please donate now and help ADAO continue its education and support services.